Pay Per Click Management

Pay Per Click is undisputed source of instant traffic which  gives your brand  a much larger reach and exposure.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a highly effective form of digital marketing.Unlike traditional advertising, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you have full control over how much you spend.

Pay Per click is highly targeted traffic generation to get instant results and feedback  from relevant audiences. PPC includes Google Adwords, Bing Ads and all other platforms which provides targeted traffic and charges based on traffic actually received. It’s a boon for new website not ranking organically in first page of google.

Optimized ad words campaign is proven technique to get high return on investment over time for quick results. Real time analysis of data ensures tightening your adwords campaign and build authority over search engines. Our team of PPC experts will give you valuable insights for your business that will open the door of new opportunities.

PPC Startegy

Business Analysis

PPC targets wide variety of audiences but its important to evaluate the existing market to start the PPC campaigns.We analyze the PPC market of your business to make practical goals.

Competitor Analysis

Investing competitors is crucial part of our strategy to allocate budget and estimating the probable market share which could be captured. Competitor analyses reveals insights which could not be detected previously.


There ample no. of targeting methods which is based on keywords, geographical locations, time of day and interest. We target the audience based varies features which is the outcome business analysis report.

Campaign set up

With completion of targeting task, Campaigns are organized in Adgroups and Adgroups will hold keywords to be targeted .Bidding and daily budget is implemented as per our analysis and we are ready to rock the market.

Ad testing & management

Starting campaign is only part of the game without optimization its difficult to realize the true potential of PPC campaigns. Testing, analyzing and optimizing is key to successful PPC campaigns.

Analytics Analysis & Reporting

One of the most important feature of PPC campaigns is its power of analytics and control over expenditure. we prepare extensive analysis report for our campaigns and enhance their performance to achieve highest possible ROI.

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